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Vishwarekha Flowers is a one of the India's prevalent nursery based at Talegaon, Pune which is known as a nursery hub of India. Vishwarekha Flowers is a renowned name in the field of floriculture, cut flowers and potted plants. The infrastructure is established over the area of 52 acres which includes the temperature controlled propagation house, polyhouses for growing the plants, hardening houses and a direct show-case outlet for the customers.

Our Mission

 Assurance for All New Ornamental Species.

 Elite collection of Pot Plant Species.

 Commitment for Excellent Quality Plants.

 Innovative Technologies for Better Plant Health.

 In-house innovation for indigenous varietal development.

Vishwarekha Flowers

India's Largest Nursery Hub

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Spines of Vishwarekha

  • Vishwas Jogdand

    Vishwas Jogdand a Founder & Managing Director of Vishwarekha Flowers is heading the Operations of company. He hold a Degree from Engineering and Business Administration. He is a legendary personality in the field of Polyhouse technologies and providing the best solution for polyhouse cultivation. His meticulous mind made him to mug up the floriculture and ornamentalcultivation and tuned up to the commerce of pot plantcultivations. The engineering thought for nursery business and pot plant cultivation explored the avenues to explore Vishwarekha Flowers throughout India as well as overseas. His people handling skill made the environment very work friendly and developed a team of more than 300 professionals who are working under Vishwas Jogdand Group of Companies.

  • Rekha Jogdand

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